Aurélien Color Consultation

With his studies in Fine Arts combined with Psychology, Aurélien explored the subtle relations happening between one mood and our environment colors. 25 years of experience on the field offers him the opportunity to apply his knowledge to existing interiors and to solve quite a few challenges. Using the test designed by the Swiss psychologist Lüscher, Aurélien is now able to identify clearly the psychological deficiencies and needs of his clients and construct in collaboration with him a suitable color scheme. Adding to this scientific test his own personnal method, entitled the Four Steps to your Perfect Home, Aurélien can truly build a color-supportive environment and can therefore help one to feel more relaxed, energized, focused, etc. This effective approach has been recently used in several projects, notably a retirement complex and several large office buildings.

If the idea interests you, Aurélien invites you to a 2-hour consultation priced at a flat rate of only 300$. After this first meeting, you might choose to have Aurélien supervise your project and help you correctly apply the envisaged solution throughout the design process.

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