Aurélien's Design Philosophy

Aurélien's culture has no real boundaries and one of his favorite subjects are the sciences neglected by the official establishment. For him, there is knowledge hidden in the old Tibetan manuscripts and the dusty manuals of Feng Shui as well as notables such as Edmund Babbitt (the Victorian physician and mystic), Johannes Itten and Faber Birrin.

Having the science of the chakras and understanding that it might be a poetic way to express what the modern psychology is slowly discovering, Aurélien believes that paying attention to theory of the Chakras can be of a great interest. In India, no healing process can be truly successful if it is not assisted by a correct diagnosis of the chakras and their deficiencies or excesses. The Chakras are the seven centers of energy located on different parts of the spine. To each center is related a color, a perfume and a musical note. Understanding this science correctly can help the Western designer in understanding his customer's needs. (suite from "Design Philosophy")

Also, Aurélien will also add a little touch of Feng Shui in his projects. The Chinese have been building palaces for emperors long enough to know some basics that our modern architects have a tendency to forget. Aurélien therefore considers those words of wisdom when it comes to the placement of the furniture or the designation of the utility for every space.

Supersticious? Never! Rather open-minded, ecclectic and ready to use many sources in order to create a psychologically and spiritually-supportive environment for his client.

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