Aurélien Design for Downsizing

From the stress of change to the satisfaction of living in the comfort of a beautiful new space, discover the way to make downsizing (the move from a bigger home into a smaller space) a complete success.

Be it willingly or by obligation, most people have or will be downsizing for various reasons at some point in their lives because of ageing concerns, for example, or just for the extra mobility and economic improvement it provides.

All changes involve understanding, compromises and some degree of prioritizing. With his 30 years of experience, Aurélien Guillory, pre-geezer himself, will use psychology and his usual witty and practical approach to provide his clients a smooth and fullfilling experience. First, he will help them prioritize their compromises, and focus on the gains and satisfactions resulting from the move. Then, several questions will be addressed in order to define the clients' tastes before the actual work of designing begins. At the end, what will people say about the new, completed residence? Will it be "Wow!", "Stupendous!", "Dramatic!", or something more in the line of the "Elegant", "Relaxing", "Soothing" and "Cosy"..?

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