Aurélien Haute Couture

With this total service approach, the client is assisted and guided through the complete design process by Mr. Guillory and his staff and associates. A prix fixe relative to square footage and type of computer drawing is required.

The approach can be best described in three separate phases, each one described as follows :

Phase I

The designer interviews the client to establish the goals to be achieved, the time frame and the desired budget within which the project is expected to be achieved. The designer attempts to determine the particular taste preference of the client and to translate this into styles, colors and finishes to be selected or suggested. An estimate of the required design time and/or budget price is roughly estimated for the project. A formal proposal is prepared and a retainer of 30% to 50% of the total design fees is invoiced with the proposal. Design concepts are studied, proposed to the client, and may then be prepared into one set of drawings, scale floor plans, elevations of particular window treatments or custom furnishings suggested, color charts, surface treatment schemes, lighting diagrams, schedules, etc. which are formally presented in Phase II. One alternative to presented concept plans or designs is usually provided, if necessary (further alternatives are billed as extras).

Phase II

The formal "concept" is presented (comprising all the elements listed in the paragraph above) to the client and once accepted, research on firm budget figures and delivery schedules is undertaken with suppliers/contractors. The concept package entails several hours of research for the correct materials and suppliers with considerable discussion with suppliers as well as the requisite paperwork to obtain the needed information for accurate quotations. Subcontractors are suggested to the client and may also submit quotes and invoices directly to the client. Otherwise, estimates are submitted to the client (on "Confirmation" forms) for approval and acceptance through Atelier Aurélien (confirmation of which requires a 50% deposit - billings for remaining balances are sent upon reception of the goods or completion of work). Purchases and orders of materials follow the same procedure. Contracts let by Atelier Aurélien to contractors or suppliers are done so as agents, for and in the name of the client. Accordingly, the client assumes all responsibilities under such contracts.

Phase III

The last phase of the work consists of the supervision of all the chosen contracted work to ensure the proper quality of work is obtained. This involves checking that work is according to specification and that the proper staging of the work is being done - to minimize expense and time required to complete the job. The orchestration of elements such as selection, framing, and display of artwork, finding of appropriate accessories, and other final adjustments is also performed.

(Please take note that depending on the scope of the project, certain phases may be omitted.)

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