Aurélien Guillory Lectures

Aurélien has built a strong reputation as a coloforful and pertinent speaker. Each of his lectures is illustrated with slides, practical tips and wit! Aurélien Guillory has lectured at public venues such as the Royal Ontario Museum, Hiam Textile in Miami, NeoCon in Chicago, High Point Furnitures in North Carolina, the SIDIM (Salon Internationnal de Design Intérieur de Montréal), the coming Peru Gift Show in Lima, and many other Fairs and Trade Shows. Also, Aurélien has been teaching many aspects of Color Theory to furniture manufactures, such as Mobilia Canada.

You can discover the content of each conference by clicking on their title below, or right here to see the kind of review they recieve.

The Geometry of Antiques

Don't be a fashion victim in your own home! Understanding the basic structure of any antique lets us coordinate them with our personal aesthetic. This lecture, Geometry of Antiques, is a new way of seeing antiques from their structural perspective and their style. This approach is derived from Aurélien Guillory's "Four Factor Formula" which talks about people's personal preferences about light and color, pattern and texture. Aurélien has categorized antiques into geometric angles and curves; and baroque or organic.

As a general point of view, people who appreciate contemporary furniture will be more comfortable with antiques with angular shapes. On the other hand, more traditional people who like flowers and Country English or French style, will feel more comfortable with curvy baroque shapes. Aurélien will present line drawings of the various styles and will identify their category. He will also present various rooms in houses that illustrate these principles. People will be able to diagnose themselves to find the most harmonious antiques for their personality and home.

Healthy Colors

Enhance your physical and emotional well being. Healthy Colors are colors that are selected to enhance your physical and emotional well being. Aurélien will discuss color systems that can energize, relax, reduce stress and uplift moods in both the work and home environment.

His background in clinical psychology, 30 years in interior design and teaching results in a holistic approach to the psychologically supportive environment. His ideas about color bias (What kind of red are you?), and his approach to bedroom psychology with the discussion of the question "Are you a cave or a cloud person?", results in people understanding their personal needs more thoroughly.

They will also understand which colors are not advisable for their personality type and life style requirements. Relations to the Chakras and Feng Shui will be discussed. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad color. There are only bad color relationships. I wish I could say that principle applies to people as well!

Color to the rescue - Understanding Color Theory

Color is free!!! How we use it makes all the difference! Aur élien's approach is intuitive and psychological - focusing on the relationship of color to personality and the environment. Understanding the basic types of color schemes and how they can help you solve architectural problems with color only. This lecture is particularly good for fabric, furniture, wallpaper and paint selling people as well as the general public. The lecture explains the following themes:

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