Aurélien Prêt-á-Porter

During the first visit, Mr. Guillory interviews the clients in order to understand their tastes and needs. Mr. Guillory will then suggest a decorative concept on the spot. He will illustrate his ideas with sketches and rough floor plans. He will also select paint colors for the clients, since a color scheme is usually needed. Once a design concept is created, its realization is left to the clients who will act as their own contractor. The clients has the concept in mind and they are then able to do the purchases by themselves and safely make decisions with confidence.

On a follow-up visit, Mr. Guillory will look at the work in progress and answer specific questions. He will then correct any mistakes, which might appear imminent. The last visit will probably be similar to the second, with only the questions differing. If the client wishes, Mr. Guillory can supervise the work. If technical drawings or computer renderings are needed, they will be invoiced on an hourly basis.

The Prêt-á-Porter service is offered in blocks of five (5) hours with a hourly rate of 150$ to 200$, depending on its type and complexity.

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